Restaurant in Australia gives 10% discount for not using cellphones while eating

  • Kids these days are so consumed over gadgets that they even bring them to the table at mealtimes
  • One restaurant in Australia gives 10% discount on diners who put away phones while eating
  • A photo of a family perfectly depicts how these kids will react

While your kids are young  always find time to spend quality time with them.

Image via Pixabay

And take note, mealtimes shared by the whole family refreshes everyone’s energy as they discover new dishes and talk about fancy things in life. However, in this modern age when gadgets stick to our children’s hands and eyes, getting their full attention is quite a challenge. The waiting time, while food is being cooked, is the best time to start conversations that can help us reconnect with our loved ones after a busy day in school or at work.

With this trend among younger generations causing concern to their parents, one restaurant in Australia will surely put a big smile on moms and dads eager to have their children’s focus. Jakes Khan shared on Facebook that this restaurant bans the use of cellphones at mealtimes. The reward? 10% off your bill. That’s quite a great deal!

Along with his post is a photo of a family with all three girls looking deeply disappointed while the dad smiled from ear to ear giving a thumbs-up sign. That could have been so hard for the girls but hopefully, they will ultimately understand the bottom of it.

Netizens love the idea.

Image via Jakes Khan | Facebook

“Good idea by the owner. At least you will respect the food and concentrate on eating.” Exactly! First of all, it is the food that we need to respect aside from our family members.

“This is a great idea! Kids nowadays have to brush up on their interpersonal communication skills.”

“The restaurant implemented an idea because today’s parents are so weak with discipline and you can see that in the kids’ faces. If they managed better they would accept the rule without complaining and actually enjoy why they went to the place.”

What do you think? Is it worth duplicating in our country?