Why making fun of each other is good for your relationship

  • According to a study, making fun of your partner (in a good way) is secretly making your relationship as a couple deeper and stronger
  • The study suggests that to make fun of your partner, it should be done strategically and on purpose
  • Roasting your boyfriend or girlfriend adds fun, intimacy, comfort, and connection to one’s relationship
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A couple that laughs together, stays together.” Do you agree with this? We all know that laughter is the best medicine, but does laughter also help strengthen your relationship with your partner?

And the answer is definitely a YES! And this is not just because of what we see on televisions, movies, or even from couple’s testimonies—this is based on a study conducted by actual researchers in a university.

According to a research done at the Appalachian State University, one of the strongest indicators of a healthy relationship is a couple who makes fun of each other on a regular or daily basis.

But this does not mean that you should be saying mean things, judgments, or offending statements to your partner. Rather, ‘roasting’ him or her should be done strategically and all in the name of good fun.

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According to celebrity dating coach and podcast host of Man WhispererLaurel House, Make sure that not only your personalities mesh, but your humors do too—so no one takes offense, feels hurt, or gets defensive.”

For example, you made fun of your partner for having a hard time on deciding where restaurant you two should celebrate your anniversary. Because of this, both of you will probably giggle and start making plans together.

The study suggests that making fun of each other should not be intended to offend your partner but to have fun, and accept each other’s shortcomings and imperfections.

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When you roast each other’s quirks, you are effectively pointing out the little, sometimes ignored sides to your personalities. Those quirks tend to be the things that you love the most about your partner,” House added.

Aside from the mentioned benefits of roasting your partner, it also helps form a deeper connection with your partner and add intimacy during boredom, insecurity, awkwardness, and discomfort in your relationship.

Just look at power couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff and Hollywood couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively roast each other on their respective Instagram accounts. Aren’t they cute?

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