James Reid thankful over his new teleserye, but says he has only JaDine as loveteam name

  • Fans started making love team names for James Reid and Nancy McDonie of Momoland after the announcement of their new teleserye together
  • James Reid responded via Twitter, saying he is thankful, but has only JaDine as his love team name
  • Many netizens applauded James’ post showing his loyalty to Nadine and their love team

Not only fans but also celebrities showed their excitement after the announcement of ABS-CBN’s new teleserye entitled “Soulmate” wherein James Reid and Momoland’s Nancy McDonie will become the leading stars.

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Both JaDine and K-Pop fans were thrilled over this upcoming big project produced by Dreamscape Entertainment as this will be the first time that James Reid will be seen again in a TV series, and, to add, he will be partnered with Nancy who is one of today’s famous Korean superstars.

Following this news, different love team names for James and Nancy were born as suggested by netizens. Some of them were: “NaMes”, “NaReid”, “JaNancy”, and “JamCy”.

However, in a Twitter post, James shared that he is thankful for the new project, but he clearly expressed that he does not wish to have a new love team name as he already has one — #JaDine.

Imahe mula sa Twitter account ni James Reid

I’m honoured to be part of the new project ‘Soulmate’ on ABSCBN but please guys, no love team names. I’ve already got one #jadine.”

His Twitter post went viral with almost 172.9K likes, 29.2K retweets, and 4K replies as of this writing.

Many netizens showed their “kilig”, admiration and support to his statement, and his decision on accepting the new project.

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Some of the comments were:

Congratulations James! Of course no other love team names. #JaDine is sacred!”

Yun oh nice boy may panindigan… go go go james, only one name lang #Jadine”

“Part of his big plans for his music maybe to team up with that K-Pop girl. I’m sure they will have song collab in the future”

Sources: Virtual Pinoy ABS-CBN Twitter Instagram Instagram