Rambutan as “alien fruit” in Netflix sci-fi series becomes viral

  • The video clip of Another Life series posted on Twitter created high buzz in social media
  • One netizen noticed that the “alien fruit” used in the series was actually just a rambutan fruit
  • This received mixed reactions mostly from Asian netizens due to relatable content

The modernization of our everyday living to this day has been a lot different on how our parents and other elderlies lived in their earlier years.

Image from Freepik

Most of us now normally seek for convenience— in transportation, education, communication, and, of course, leisure time.

Among leisure time which we enjoy the most is watching movies or tv series. And now, there’s no need for us to always go to cinemas. Big thanks to the online video streamings which give people a handy access to their favorite TV shows, documentaries, and movies.

And associated with us living in a modern, fast and free society is the keen attention to details of online viewers on news reports, stories, and new shows or movies.

An example of this is the new Netflix American science fiction series entitled “Another Life” where it carried a buzzing trend across social media when a netizen from Malaysia posted a video clip of it on Twitter.

Image from Kopi Panas’ Twitter account

The video showed that a “rambutan” was used as an “alien fruit” in the tv series.

Rambutan is known to be one of the native fruits in Southeast Asia. It can be seen in Indonesia, Malaysia, and, yes, also in the Philippines.

The tweet by netizen with username @hash_1993 received mixed reactions, generating 377.3K views, 13.1K retweets and 11.2K likes as of this posting.

Image from Kopi Panas’ Twitter account

Some of the comments were:

“Can they at least get a fresh Rambutan? smh”

“I think they should try to use durians than rambutan as extraterrestrial fruit”

“On Star Trek they always have bowls of SE Asian fruits & vegetables.”

Source: Twitter IMDb