BB Gandanghari gets a cameo role in Netflix series Glow

  • BB Gandanghari appeared on Netflix original series “Glow”
  • Her scene was shot together with Hollywood star Alison Brie
  • Netizens gave praises on her Instagram post sharing the news of her cameo role

There’s no doubt that Filipino artists are among the nationalities across the globe who are successful in conquering the international scene; showcasing their talent and passion on what they do.

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From beauty pageants, fashion industry to talent competitions, theatre stage, and movie and television series… we can see names of our very own Filipino “kababayans” in these different fields.

And this August, on the third season of the Netflix original series about a fictional 1980s professional wrestling circuit Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling entitled “Glow”, a familiar face has appeared.

BB Gandanghari made a cameo role on the eight episode of the series as a tarot reader.

She appeared on the last minutes of the episode having a scene with one of the series’ main character Ruth Wilder played by Hollywood star Alison Brie.

Image from @callmethejason Instagram account

On her Instagram post, she shared how grateful and thankful she is to be part of this successful show, which is also her favorite show.

“I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this super successful show, GLOW! Booking a job is always exciting but booking your favorite show brings the excitement to an entirely different level.”

Moreover, she received positive reactions and praises on this milestone in her career.

Image from BB Gandanghari Instagram account

“If your cameo is a way to promote GLOW to us Filipinos then CONGRATULATIONS! I’m watching it now because of you @gandangharibb and I love it so much now!”

“saw you in glow, awesome! i sincerely wish you make it big in hollywood!”

“I screamed from excitement when I saw you in the show.”

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