A year after the historical “Thai Cave Rescue”

  • Series of international projects featuring the Thai Cave rescue are set to be released soon
  • Aside from movie projects, books published, documentaries created, Netflix will produce a mini-series
  • Today, Tham Luang cave is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Thailand

In June 2018, news media outlets across the globe came together in the northern part of Thailand to witness the dramatic rescue of the football team “Wild Boars” who got trapped inside the Tham Luang cave.

This mishap of the 12 boys and their coach in the flooded cave caught a lot of attention all over the world.

Gratefully, it ended as a “miraculous rescue”.

The news was all over global television, print, and digital. Everyone kept an eye on the updates for almost 17 days. And most specifically, everyone was praying for the safety of the children, the coach, and the rescuers.

The team has then become famous after the incident.

They got interviews from different tv shows, including their appearance in Ellen. A number of books were also published; some of which were entitled “The Boys in the Cave” and “The Great Cave Rescue”.

Aside from different documentaries, as reported by Slash Film, there were at least six movies that will feature the rescue.

One movie was entitled “The Cave”, directed by half-Thai moviemaker Tom Waller.

Image from The Cave – นางนอน via Facebook

Netflix, meanwhile, was set to create a mini-series about this story.

Similarly, the location of the cave in Mae Sai District has earned an international fame and became a major tourist attraction.

In the area, a bronze statue of Saman Guman was built. He was a former Thai diver who also helped in rescuing the team, but he failed to make it back safe when he was about to return after delivering oxygen tanks inside.

Image from @champ34_cnx via Instagram

The tourists who visited the cave offered their respects to Saman Guman, the divers and the rest of the rescue team, and the “Wild Boars” for showing an immense courage and faith to be able to get out of the cave alive.

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