Teacher Earns Praise for Taking Care of Student’s Baby So She Can Take Exam

A high school teacher recently went viral for taking care of her student’s baby so she can take exams.

Sir Leodel Narvaez is a teacher at Gov. Felicisimo T. San Luis National Agro-Industrial High School in Siniloan, Laguna. He earned praise for helping a student care for her baby during a test.

As a parent himself, Sir Leodel knew how difficult it can be to perform a task while carrying a child; thus, when he gave the exam to his students, he took the student’s baby and carried the sleeping child while the mother sat the exams.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ystefanie Lenin M. Suazo

For his actions, many netizens praised this teacher and said that it would be nice if more teachers are compassionate to students.

Sadly, a lot of teachers do not empathize with these students, perhaps in fear that the other young students might feel ‘encouraged’ to also have babies because the teachers ‘understand’ what they are going through.

In reality, however, when faced with this kind of situation, it is really better to just understand what the student is going through, and helping her out – just like what Sir Leodel did.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ystefanie Lenin M. Suazo

Photos of his kind deed went viral on social media, with netizens saying they are happy that the student was able to take her exams. After all, even if she made a ‘mistake’ and had a baby at a young age, it was still great that she didn’t let that stop her from going to school!

Lodi talaga!

Habang nagku-quiz yung nanay, si Sir muna ang nag-alaga nung baby. Mahalin natin ang mga gurong katulad ni Sir. Thumbs up!

Of course, we still encourage students to focus first on your studies before getting pregnant but if this happens unexpectedly, don’t quit school! You can still reach for your dreams despite the stumbling blocks you encounter along the way…

Source: Facebook / Ystefanie Lenin M. Suazo