Taxi Driver Returns Bag with Nearly Php2 Million in Foreign Currency, Stops Driving to Find Owner

He had only earned Php700 for the night and was looking for another passenger when Tatay Eduardo Matusalem noticed a bag inside his cab, most likely left by the last passenger he had dropped off.

But he didn’t have the foreigner’s number and he didn’t want to inspect the bag’s contents on his own. So, Tatay Eduardo decided to do the first thing that came to his mind: take the bag and turn it over to Raffy Tulfo at TV5’s Aksyon Center.

When he arrived at the TV station, however, it was already closed for the day. Not willing to just drive around with the bag in tow as it might be accidentally taken by another passenger, Tatay Eduardo decided to camp out near the TV station and wait for it to open the following day. He didn’t mind not earning anything for the rest of the night, as long as he got to return it to the rightful owner.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

What he didn’t know is that the owner, Chinese national Junyi Tao, was already looking frantically for the bag. The Chinese national had reported the matter to the police but was dismayed to learn that the CCTVs in the area were not working at the time; he thought he would never get the bag back again.

In the morning, when the TV station opened, Tatay Eduardo was among those first in line to turn over the bag; he still hadn’t tried peeking inside for the contents.

So, he was rather shocked to discover that the bag contained a lot of money! Tulfo’s Aksyon Center was not yet operating in those early hours but he was able to turn over the bag “Solian ng Bayan”, the station’s program for lost and found items.

The bag Tatay Eduardo turned over contained元240,000 (Yuan), equivalent to Php2,001,766.63! He could have kept all that money to himself but the honest taxi driver knew the bag wasn’t his to keep.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

Thanks to the IDs inside the bag, TV5 staff were able to contact the rightful owner who immediately went to the station.

Ecstatic that the bag was found, Junyi immediately gave Tatay Eduardo Php10,000 as reward and also invited him for dinner, including his family.

He certainly hadn’t expected to be rewarded with that much money! But Tatay Eduardo wasn’t in it for the reward – he hadn’t even known the bag contained a lot of money.

Kudos to you, Tatay Eduardo!

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook