Netizens Praise This Grade 3 Boy Who Takes Care of Disabled Brother While in School

While his classmates get to focus on their studies without any distractions, then later play with each other, a Grade 3 kid named Alexis has become the sole caregiver for his disabled 4-year-old brother after they were abandoned by their irresponsible parents.

Instead of giving up and just living in the streets, away from school, Alexis did his best to ensure that he won’t miss a day of his lessons. So, while it was certainly difficult for him to do, he would bring AJ to his classes.

Photo credit: Cortes Santiago Phoebe / Facebook – KMJS

The 4-year-old kid was disabled; he could not walk or even sit down on his own. AJ couldn’t talk as well, but his big brother makes sure he does not feel left out and abandoned, even though their parents no longer care for their well-being.

Their situation was rather pitiful but big brother Alexis is not willing to just leave his brother while he goes to school.

Photo credit: Cortes Santiago Phoebe / Facebook – KMJS

His difficult situation caught the attention of netizens who praised him for his kindness towards his younger brother. Many hoped that they can find the help they needed soon so that someone, hopefully a kind relative, can care for AJ while Alexis focuses in his studies.

Surely, this kind big brother would have better chances of helping his disabled brother once he gets a good job; but he has to complete his studies first.

Photo credit: Cortes Santiago Phoebe / Facebook – KMJS

Life is extra challenging for these two brothers but kudos to Alexis for never giving up! God bless you, boys…

Source: Facebook – KMJS