Funny: Filipino Grandma Tries to Ask Amazon’s Alexa to Scratch Her Back

Our grandparents are our second parents. They often treat their grandchildren differently. They make them happier, even to the point of spoiling them.

Since our grandparents grew up without smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices, it can be difficult for them to deal with these things. Although there are grandparents who are tech-savvy, most of them treat smartphones and other electronic devices as uncharted territory.

A recent video of one grandmother has been making everyone laugh. This funny video of a Filipino grandma living in the United States will definitely  crack you up.

Scratch My Back

The video started with the daughter waking up Alexa to teach her mother how to use it. She showed her how to give orders to Alexa and reminded her mother to speak in English since the voice-activated machine only understands that language.

However, instead of calling the device “Alexa,” the grandmother said “Alaska,” prompting the device to ask “which city in Alaska?”

[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
With her daughter’s direction, the grandmother, this time, asked Alexa to scratch her back.

“Alaska, kamutin mo ang likod ko. (Alaska, scratch my back)

Her daughter reminded her to use English again, to which she responded:

Eh gusto ko ang tagalog eh. (But I want to say it in tagalog.)”

[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
The grandmother repeatedly called Alexa, Alaska, prompting the device to search for the city in the United States. You can see the grandmother getting irritated for repeating her actions several times but the device is not responding to her.

Finally, her last straw was to tell the device to learn how to speak Tagalog so she can use it properly.

“Matuto ng Tagalog. (Learn Tagalog)”
“Alaska, matuto ka ng tagalog. Hindi ako marunong mag-English. (Alaska, learn Tagalog. I don’t know how to speak English)”
“Hoy, gising. (Hey, wake up)”
“Hoy, gising, makati ang likod ko. (Hey wake up, my back is itchy)”
“Kamot! (Scratch it)”

[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
When her daughter used the device and bid it good night, it replied promptly.  The grandmother was dumbfounded.  She probably asked herself why the device worked for her daughter, but not for her.

Mapupukpok ko yan. (I might just hit that thing)”

[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jonathan Gonzales / Facebook]

Watch the funny video here:

Once again, my grandma is disenchanted with voice service technology… #AVS #alexa #echospot

Posted by Jonathan Gonzales on Monday, March 12, 2018


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