Netizens Warned Against Keeping Paper Bills Inside Bamboo ‘Alkansiya’

The habit of setting aside a portion of one’s allowance or financial earnings is the right way to prepare for the future.

Saving money also enables people to buy what they want, whether it’s a big-ticket purchase such as house and lot or a small item such as mobile phone, shoes, and others. Even children are taught to set aside a portion of their school allowance if they want to buy something. Some people safe-keep their money in the bank while others keep it inside a vault or a piggy bank.

Image from Walwal’s Facebook Page

But what if you cannot use the money you have been safekeeping inside a piggy bank anymore because it has been damaged and torn?

Images of mutilated paper bills recently surfaced online, warning netizens not to put them inside a bamboo ‘alkansiya’. The termites which attacked the bamboo also damaged the paper bills.

Image from Walwal’s Facebook Page

Netizens were quick to share their thoughts about the mutilated bills. Some said that the bills can still be surrendered to the banks in exchange for whole ones. While some netizens were giving funny or witty comments; one netizen expressed disappointment if ever he discovers that the money he saved has been damaged this way.

On the other hand, some netizen shared a way on how paper bills can still be kept inside a bamboo ‘alkansiya’ without damaging them. The paper bills will be folded thinly, just like how the jeepney drivers fold them, and each one will be placed inside a plastic straw. Once done, they are now ready and safe to be kept inside a bamboo ‘alkansiya’.