Lender Narrates How the Borrower Threatened to Sue Her After Asking For Her Money Back

If you are trying to get a loan but can’t get it approved because of your bad credit, borrowing money from a family member or friends may be your last option.

You may have heard of stories about loans gone wrong, friendships ruined, and families torn apart because of money. Plus, if you have depleting funds and you need the money yourself, asking the other person to pay you back may be stressful on your part.

Borrowing money from a friend or family member may be awkward for the borrower but when it comes to getting it back, asking for the money is more awkward for the lender. Sometimes, the person who asked the favor in the first place is the first person to get angry whenever being asked to pay back. From last week’s borrower who got angry and hurt the lender physically, this is another serious case of lending money gone wrong.

A social media user under the username Rex Malones shared her experience dealing with the person who borrowed money from her. In her lengthy post in the Peso Sense Savings Group, Rex tried threatening the borrower that she will file a blotter against him.

But instead of getting afraid or apologetic for not paying the money back, the other person sounded angry. He told her that he’s in Cavite for vacation and if she will continue with the blotter, he will file a case against her.

Trying to lighten the mood, she revealed that she’s just threatening him for him to respond to her messages. According to her, the borrower promised to pay back last Monday but he did not bother responding to her message even if he is online.

Sensing the situation, she jokingly said that she doesn’t know how to file a blotter. She also reminded him just to pay her back since she needs the money.

But the borrower is a tough one: He is insisting to sue her.

Upon reading the story, netizens cannot hide their anger for the borrower. Many people agree that to avoid these situations, we should not lend money even to our families and friends.


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What can you say about this? Do you also agree that we should avoid lending money to our families and friends even if the situation calls for it?