Rodjun Cruz opens up about 11 years of happy relationship with Dianne Medina

  • Rodjun Cruz described his relationship with fiancée Dianne Medina
  • He shared some tips to a happy relationship
  • He also shared how they accepted each other’s differences


Image via Rodjun Cruz’s Instagram account

Celebrity couple Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina recently opened up about their wedding preparation. But what’s amazing about the couple is the length of time they’ve spent together before they decided to get married.

Rodjun shared their secret to their 11 years of relationship during his interview with PEP.

He said that he never gets tired of surprising his fiancée. Aside from being supportive of each other, he also revealed their key ingredient in making their relationship strong.

“…si Lord talaga yung center ng relationship namin,” he shared. [The Lord is the center of our relationship]

The actor can’t deny the fact that their relationship is not perfect. And just like any other relationships, they’ve also experienced ups and downs but managed to surpass those.

According to him, they are both aware they are vulnerable especially that they’re in the showbiz industry. They made extra effort to fight for their relationship and even took some counselling.

He also shared how they patiently waited to settle down by relying on God’s perfect time.

Image via Rodjun Cruz’s Instagram account

They are also aware of each other’s differences and they respect that.

“Sobrang magkasundo kami niyan. Magkaiba lang kami. Si Dianne talaga siya ‘yung mas seryoso, iniisip niya masyado ‘yung future. Ako kasi happy-go-lucky talaga ako and gusto ko lang i-enjoy yung journey na kasama si Dianne,” he said.

[We both agree with each other though we’re quite different. Dianne is the serious type. She thinks of the future that much, while I’m a happy-go-lucky guy and I just want to enjoy this journey with Dianne.]

The actor is really aware of how different their personality is. But still, in the end he claimed that they enjoy each other’s company and they know they are happy as long as they love each other and that God is in the center of their relationship.