OFW Mother Gets Emotional After Not Witnessing Her Son’s Graduation

One of the reasons Filipinos choose to work abroad is due to the job opportunities there, along with a larger salary. Even if they are divided several miles away from their families in the Philippines, these Overseas Filipino Workers still try and endure their emotions, and sometimes physical pain, just to secure a bigger and better future for the family.

A certain Hanz Alec Rapadas is recently going viral on social media after sharing a screenshot of his OFW mother’s photos who got emotional and cried after failing to attend his graduation. According to him, he totally understands his mother’s situation and dedicates all his academic accomplishments to her.

Away For Several Years

Rapadas also revealed that his mother has already been working abroad ever since he was young. They are being taken care of their grandparents. At first, he cannot understand why his mother had to work abroad since there are opportunities in the Philippines.

However, as he grew older, he realized that there are better job opportunities in other countries. His mother is working to earn a bigger salary to provide for their needs.

My brothers and I would always end up being taken care of by our grandma and grandpa. At first, I didn’t really understand kung bakit nangigibang bansa siya. I mean, meron namang opportunities dito sa Pilipinas so why bother going to a different country to find a job diba?

[Image Credit: Hanz Alec Rapadas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Hanz Alec Rapadas / Facebook]

Hard for the Family

Rapadas recounted that being long distance with his mother has been hard for the family. For six years, they celebrated the holidays incomplete. They can only communicate through phone and video calls. He admitted that he often cried because his parents are not always around.

As Rapadas graduated from senior high school, his grandmother is the one who accompanied him during the school ceremony, in place of his parents.

Nito lang nagdaang Huwebes, gumraduate ako ng senior high school. Kasama kong muli ang aking lola sa entablado. Masaya naman ako at lola ko ang kasama ko kasi napamahal na ako sa kanya. Siya na halos ang nagpalaki sa akin eh.

[Image Credit: Hanz Alec Rapadas / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Hanz Alec Rapadas / Facebook]
After the event, he immediately called his mother. He’s proud to tell her that he’s an honor student. During the video call, his OFW mother could not help but feel emotional and sorry for not being able to attend her son’s graduation.

He also encouraged the children, whose parents are working abroad, to understand their situation as parents don’t want to leave them behind — it’s because they want them to have a better life.


Do you find this story inspiring too? If you have OFW parents, what do you want to tell them?