Hospital Staff’s Treatment to a Senior Citizen is Angering Many Netizens

The common grace and manners for Filipinos are to treat our elderly with respect and dignity. We kiss the hands and foreheads of our elders whenever we arrive or leave a place. Even the government is providing different programs for the benefits of the older citizens. They are given special lanes and treatment.

Sadly, instead of treating the elders with the appreciation and respect that they deserve, some of us were either too busy or dismiss their contributions to their family and community.

One of these unfortunate incidents happened in one of the public hospitals in the Philippines.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Inappropriate Treatment

Facebook user Cristobal Gutano Manapol is calling the attention of the hospital’s upper management after witnessing the staff of the hospital disrespecting a senior citizen. According to him, the hospital’s policy is one chair for every patient. This is acceptable if the person sitting on the chair is not a senior citizen. However, the person sitting on it is an 80-year-old man who is accompanying his wife who is 75 years old.

The caretaker of the hospital still chooses to take the old man’s chair. They choose to chain them on the hospital’s window instead of allowing the senior citizens to use them.

Hospital policy…1chair 1patient…maski 1 80anyos na lalaki ang nakaupo..pilit na kinuha ng caretaker sa hospital ang silya inuupuan nito dahil sobra na sa 1 ang silya sa isang pasyente na kung saan nakaupo naman ang 1..75anyos na babae..mas ginusto pa ng pamunuan na nakakadena un mga silya sa me bintana ng hospital kesa ipagamit sa mga bumibisitang senior citizen…

[Image Credit: Cristobal Gutano Manapol / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Cristobal Gutano Manapol / Facebook]

Netizens Are Not Happy

Upon seeing the said post, netizens were not very happy. A lot of them are calling out the hospital and the management handling it. Many people also pity the old man from suffering because of the staff.

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What can you say about this? Do you think the staff should be reprimanded?