Daughter Carries Old Lady for SSS Pensioners’ Confirmation, Admits They’re Too Poor to Buy Wheelchair

Every year, people receiving pension from the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines are required to accomplish the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP). This is the way for SSS to confirm that the pensioner is still alive and entitled to the pension benefits; however, this can be an added burden to families of bed-ridden pensioners.

Just this week, the photo of an old lady being carried by her daughter towards the SSS office to accomplish the ACOP broke netizens’ hearts.

The old lady was identified as Estella Sarmiento, 82; she lives in General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite.

Photo credit: Pinoy Scandal / Facebook – Jarra Cortez Garcia

Nanay Estella’s daughter had to carry her to the SSS office, a challenging feat considering that they didn’t have a wheelchair. This meant that the daughter had to carry Nanay Estella on her own, even as they waited for public transportation.

The woman also admitted they didn’t have much money to buy a wheelchair for Nanay Estella. In fact, they can’t even have enough to buy her medicines or take her to the hospital. With no one else helping them, the daughter hoped someone (perhaps a TV network) might see their plight and help them out.

Pitying the two, fellow passenger Jarra Cortez Garcia took a snapshot and shared on social media, knowing positive things can happen to those whose stories have gone viral. She hopes that the post will reach people from the municipality of General Mariano Alvarez or the province of Cavite so that the two can receive the help they so needed.

AGE : 82
CONTACT # : 09462286432

Photo credit: SSS Guides

On a side note, Nanay Estella doesn’t actually have to personally go to SSS or the bank. It’s possible that her daughter and many pensioners’ families didn’t know that disabled pensioners don’t have to physically present themselves at the bank or SSS office; though additional requirements need to be fulfilled, such as a ‘Certificate of Existence’ from the Brgy. Chairman, medical certificate, and sketch of residence.