A Dedicated Father From Iloilo Collects Garbage From the River to Support His Family

As the head of the family, the father works to sustain the financial necessities of his family. One of the duties of a father is to work hard and do their best to earn sufficient amount of money that can be used to provide the needs of their loved ones and give their children a bigger and brighter future. This is the reason why a lot of fathers are leaving the country and their families to work as Overseas Filipino Workers.

A responsible and dedicated father is touching the hearts of many Filipinos online after he was pictured stepping up the game when it comes to providing for his family. Get your tissues ready because this story will surely make you cry.

[Image Credit: Rmn Iloilo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Rmn Iloilo / Facebook]

The Responsible Father

Meet Freddie Osalya, a father from Iloilo who is collecting garbage from the river and selling it to a junk shop in order to support the finances and daily needs of his family. In a Facebook post of Rmn Iloilo, the dedicated father is not thinking of his safety by collecting garbage from the river just to earn money for the family.

Everything that he will collect, ranging from plastic bottles to other recyclable materials, are then taken to a junk shop in exchange for a certain amount of money. This father is enduring all the hardships and the risks of collecting items from the river, just to put food on the table and send his children to school.

[Image Credit: Rmn Iloilo / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Rmn Iloilo / Facebook]

Touched the Netizen’s Hearts

Netizens who read the story are inspired by the perseverance and determination of the father to provide for his family. Not only that, they also commended him for his eco-friendly activity. He is not only earning a living but also helping in cleaning the river by taking away the plastic materials.

Some users also called out the government of Iloilo to help the family financially or at least give him salary since he’s cleaning the river.

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Posted by Rmn Iloilo on Monday, March 26, 2018


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