Woman Gets Hysterical after Illegally Parked Vehicle was Clamped, Throws a Tantrum in the Street

A lot of drivers in the Philippines don’t really follow the traffic rules and just park wherever they please, at their convenience even if that meant causing a traffic jam in the area. What’s sad is that these drivers are also the ones who get angry when apprehended, believing they had the right to do such things as, well, citizens of the country.

One woman figured in a video that has gone viral on social media after she went hysterical because her illegally parked car was clamped. What’s worse is that instead of admitting her mistake and just saying sorry and paying the fine, she threw a fit and fought with the village watchmen who had clamped her illegally parked car which was actually already on the street.

Photo credit: Franceska Silva Ravela / Rodrigo Duterte 16th President – Facebook

This happened at Annapolis St., Greenhills in San Juan. The video was taken by Franceska Silva Ravela; although there were also other people taking a video as the woman was really making a scene and shrieking as she demanded for the village watchmen to remove the clamp.

She got inside the car and honked the horn many times but when that didn’t work, she got out again and kicked some of the watchmen who were really just patient with her and simply tried their best to not get hit.

The woman caused more traffic as she moved to the middle of the road, shrieking as hard and shrilly as she could to force the watchmen to remove the clamp. That didn’t work.

Because the village watchmen didn’t remove the clamp no matter how hard she shrieked, the frustrated woman slumped in the middle of the street, like a child throwing a tantrum for not getting her way.

Photo credit: Franceska Silva Ravela / Rodrigo Duterte 16th President – Facebook

The video quickly went viral after it was posted by Facebook page, Rodrigo Duterte 16th President. Many netizens slammed the woman for her inappropriate behavior but many also laughed that she threw a tantrum like a child and sat in the middle of the road when she didn’t get her way…

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