KTV Management in Viral ‘Scam’: Foreigner Asked for 6 Girls in VIP Room, $3k Bill Not True

A few days ago, the video shared by a certain Kengo M on Facebook has gone viral after he supposedly exposed a KTV bar in Pasay City, Manila for charging him 3,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD) for a meal and drinks but the management has shared its side in the issue.

Tourist Shares Secret Video after Restaurant in Manila Charged Him 3,000 Canadian Dollars (Php123k) for a Meal

A certain Mr. Roland Kua told Philippines Trends that after he posted Kengo M’s video on his Facebook page, a former schoolmate immediately messaged him and told him that the manager of Club Apeiro Entertainment and KTV Bar involved in the incident is his close friend. They wanted to ask help in airing the management’s side.

Although the manager did not agree on a direct interview as he was apparently busy with his lawyers because the Canadian threatened to sue them and his two kids were afraid, Kua shared what his former schoolmate told him.

Photo credit: Philippines Trends

According to the source, Muhamadi Kengo (Kengo M’s real name on his passport) asked for six girls at the KTV bar and brought the ladies to the VIP room where he enjoyed a meal with his party. But the bill didn’t reach CAD 3,000 (Php120,000) as he claimed in his post, only CAD 1,000 or Php40,000.

When Kengo gave his credit cards, the source alleged that these were declined by his bank; this is supposedly the reason why the manager told him to call his family in Canada to send money via Western Union because the waiters had gotten stressed as they didn’t want the amount to be charged off their wages.

The manager asked for Kengo’s passport for verification purposes but had returned it afterwards, the source informed Philippines Trends.

According to Kua, the manager claimed the CAD 3,000 was a lie but in the video shared by Kengo, it was clear that he mentioned CAD 3,000 as he was shocked to get a bill that much for just some food and drinks.


While the tourist eventually paid the bill with a ‘real card’, Kua revealed, the manager was scared because the tourist reportedly wants to file a case against him at the Canadian Embassy; thus, the manager met with a lawyer to ensure Kengo wouldn’t be able to leave the country until his name was cleared.

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