Barkada Goes Viral for Hilarious Funeral-Themed Party for Birthday Celebration of Their Friend

Life is boring without friends but one squad recently went viral after proving that life is, indeed, crazier but more fun with friends!

To celebrate the birthday of their good friend Jonas “Nash” Yu Timkang, a group of friends decided to do a funeral-themed party.

Photo credit: Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada / Facebook

They had a tarpaulin made, with the words “Our deepest greetings” instead of “Our deepest sympathies”. The photo placed on the tarpaulin was that of a pouting Nash who looked rather displeased with life.

A funeral wreath was also ordered, with “Happy birthday” written on one side of the ribbon.

Photo credit: Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada / Facebook

To complete their ‘funeral’ party, the group bought candles and went on a mini procession to Nash’s house, offering their ‘prayers’ as they recited “The Mysteries of Nash’s Life” as if they were praying during his wake. The ‘prayer’ was all jokes, however, and written in gay lingo which made it even more hilarious.

Other people might have been offended by the prank but Nash was greatly amused with it all, even when his friends told him they had actually wanted to buy him a ‘gravestone’ but were unable to do so because it takes 3 days to make.

Photo credit: Glenn Rementizo Pal Mejorada / Facebook

It seemed that netizens also loved the idea, as crazy as it might sound. Within 5 days, the video of their ‘funeral surprise’ gained over 2.6 million views – and the reactions were all positive.

It would be too early to call them ‘Barkada of the Year’ but they deserve that, right? LOL.