Photos of a Priest Who Looks Like Alden Richards Wow Netizens

Kapuso star Alden Richards is one of the most good-looking celebrities in showbiz today. No wonder why his fans go gaga over his pretty face, fair skin and dimpled smile.

A photo of Pambansang Bae’s doppelganger has been circulating the social media and wowed the netizens to find that he bears incredible resemblance on Alden’s face; however, the doppelganger apparently happened to be a priest.

Image: Marjorie Feliciano

Facebook user, Marjorie Feliciano uploaded a photo of Alden’s doppelganger with the caption: “Pag balik ng cellphone ko nagulat ako sa nakita ko. Yung father kamukha ni Alden. tsk! Sana umuwi na lang kami at umattend ng binyag, Patt, pakasal na tayo ulit sa Pangasinan.”

Pag balik ng cellphone ko nagulat ako sa nakita ko 😱😍😍 yung father kamukha ni Alden. tsk! sana umuwi nalang kami at umattend ng binyag 😂😂😂 bag Patt, pakasal na tayo ulit sa Pangasinan 😂😂😜😜😝#whysopogifather? 😁

Posted by Marjorie Feliciano on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A lot of netizens were really amazed by Father Bae’s appearance. He could really be mistaken to be Alden.

One netizen asked where is the church located, she would go there every week.

One is asking what the name of the father.

Marjorie then posted a photo with the address of the church. She said that she has no intention to make the post viral; she was just really amazed and she wanted to share it with people.

She added that someone borrowed her phone to take pictures of her niece’s baptismal so when she checked the photos, she was shocked to see that the priest really looks like Alden. She also clarified that she did not attend the baptismal and she did not edit the picture in any way.

Posted by Marjorie Feliciano on Saturday, January 6, 2018

According to her replies in one of the comments, Father Bae’s name was Fr. Joseph Pangilinan.