Girl Goes Viral for Bittersweet “Best of 9 Years” Post after Break-Up with Childhood Sweetheart

People enter a relationship for love and/or some other reason but definitely not to plan about breaking up. But things don’t always go as planned and even the longest, most loving relationships can fizzle out.

That seems to be what had happened to a couple named Brian “Paul” Estores and Angel Lobido, childhood sweethearts who broke up just before the New Year.

Photo credit: Angel Lobido / Facebook

While the break-up was painful, of course, and brought them tears, the two made waves on social media with the way they handled things. Instead of bashing each other and bad-mouthing the other over mistakes in the past that led to the break-up, the two still posted sweet things about each other and even created posts highlighting the “Best of 9 Years”.

Isn’t that something nice? They might have broken up but these two acknowledge that they had not just been lovers but also friends; thus, they didn’t want to ruin the friendship just because they fell out of love!

Photo credit: Angel Lobido / Facebook

Angel shared a lengthy post on Facebook, posting several photos of their fun moments as lovers. In 9 years, the two had traveled a lot to many places in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Angel Lobido / Facebook

Their friends and social media followers must have thought of them as the #relationshipgoals couple, the couple that many envied for their fun adventures to these exciting destinations.

And 9 years as a couple is no joke. Being childhood sweethearts, the two had known many mutual friends and had surely shared a lot of challenges together, especially in school, but no matter how long a relationship might be, things could change.

Photo credit: Angel Lobido / Facebook

What’s great is that they have promised each other to remain as friends – and this you can already see to be true, based on their social media posts. And if they really are meant to be, netizens think that they would eventually find their way to each other again.

And they say, love is sweeter the second time around…