Dance Crew Wows “Pilipinas Got Talent” Judges with Unique Moves and ‘Surfing’ Trick on Dry Land

The new season of ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ has begun and there had been a number of acts that stood out among the other performances.

Among these are the dancers from Cebu who wowed the judges and the audience with their unique dance moves.

As soon as the group came on stage at the audition held in Cebu, the crowd cheered so much that the judges were intrigued who these performers might be. The group calls themselves as ‘Type 1 Dance Company’.

Photo credit: Pilipinas Got Talent / YouTube

Clad in summer-inspired clothes, Type 1 Dance Company promised the judges they would do something new.

Everyone was already expecting that the group will be dancing because of their name but they would soon surprise people with their unique performance.

At first, they started out like other dance groups but as the performance progressed, they would introduce new moves that truly wowed the judges. Angel Locsin, in particular, was amazed by the ‘surfing’ trick the group did on the stage but it was the finale that truly got the judges on their feet! Whew!

Check out this video and have fun watching this cool group entertain everyone with their unique antics: