“Why should I apologize to her? She is just my maid. I am a celebrity.” – Sinon Loresca Reportedly Tells Foe Who Defended His PA

Has fame made Sinon Loresca too proud and selfish now, even to the point of hurting someone in his team just because she’s “just a maid” and he’s a celebrity? That’s what his friend-turned-enemy Drew Fernandez claimed in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

According to Drew, he and his partner Farhad had been drinking and chatting with Sinon and his friends at a bar in Makati when they later transferred to another bar in Ortigas. Amid the fun they were having, Drew said he met a transgender woman who turned out to be Sinon’s personal assistant (PA).

Photo credit: Drew Farhad Fernandez / Facebook

The said PA had an injured wrist, reportedly after being twisted by Sinon. Drew took it upon himself to help the PA, giving her ice packed in tissue to help with the swelling. But Drew and his partner noticed that Sinon continued hurting his PA, even hitting her on the head several times.

At this point, Farhad intervened and asked Sinon to stop, telling him to apologize to his PA but Sinon reportedly replied, “Why should I apologize to her, she is just my maid. I am a celebrity, I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything about it.”

Photo credit: Drew Farhad Fernandez / Facebook

The fight quickly turned physical, with Sinon allegedly scratching Farhad in the neck, chest, and shoulders. The bar security officers took Sinon out of the club, Drew claimed; then, their group also went out as their fun party has turned sour, anyway.

Drew also alleged that they saw Sinon’s PA crying behind a car but when they offered to help, the PA told them she would just go back to Sinon because she needed the job and her stuff were at their apartment, anyway. So, Drew just gave the PA his number so she can call them if she needed help.

Photo credit: Drew Farhad Fernandez / Facebook

Farhad and Drew would later go to Pasig City police station to file a report against Sinon. He posted photos on Facebook and narrated what happened.

Photo credit: Sinon Loresca / Facebook

But Sinon denied Drew’s accusations, posting a video with his PA ‘smiling’ in the background. He explained that hitting his PA and his other friends is just their way of showing affection as gays.

As for Farhad’s scratches, Sinon claimed he was just fighting back because it was Farhad who attacked him first.

Watch his explanation here: