Sunshine Dizon Still Remains as Timothy Tan’s Legal Wife Amidst Separation Issues Due to Infidelity

Sunshine Dizon’s married life was an open book to the public. After 6 years of being married to Timothy Tan, their marriage fell apart when Sunshine discovered that her husband was allegedly cheating on her.

Sunshine had been battling with marriage problems after she found out that her husband had been unfaithful to her. They got separated but she denied him an annulment which he had wanted. But then, six months after, Timothy apologized to Sunshine which she accepted for the sake of their children.

Photo: m_sunshinedizon/Instagram

In an interview with PEP, it seemed that both parties had already ‘moved on’ when Sunshine revealed that she had been acting civil towards Timothy and were co-parenting their children for the sake of the family.

In fact, she shared that their family will be having a vacation in the U.S for the Christmas season. However, Sunshine emphasized that they aren’t back together at this point and not even in the near future.

Sunshine admitted being happy to see their kids enjoying whenever they get the chance to bond with their father. She then shared that at times, they go out as a family to have dinner together and Timothy also attends their children’s school activities.

Photo: m_sunshinedizon/Instagram

Even if Sunshine and Timothy were already “friends” and had gotten over their husband-wife conflict, Sunshine clarified that she’s not yet on the stage of accepting him back again as her husband. However, she warned girls out there who might get attracted to Timothy that she is still the lawful wife as their marriage is not annulled.

“I’m still technically married. Hindi ako nag-file ng annulment.”

“So, I’m still Mrs. Tan. So yung mga umaaligid kay Timothy, beware ha-ha-ha-ha!”

“Asawa pa rin ako ‘no!”

Photo: m_sunshinedizon/Instagram

Meanwhile, Sunshine had made it clear to daughter Doreen, that she and Timothy were just civil to each other and that they were not really like ‘super’ friends. She said that Doreen understood their set-up and was happy to see them that way instead of being together but were always fighting.