Giselle Sanchez Claims Being a Fan of Maymay Entrata, Admires Her Positive Attitude and Humility

Veteran comedienne Giselle Sanchez expresses admiration towards Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 Grand Winner Maymay Entrata for her humility. Giselle claimed she doesn’t consider Maymay as a comedienne but rather, a “big star”.

Many netizens had noticed that Maymay looks like Giselle. In one of her previous interviews, Maymay also expressed her admiration towards Giselle. The latter then considered it as mutual admiration as she is among the million followers of Maymay.

In an interview with before Christmas, Giselle shared that she wishes to work with Maymay on a future project. She added she can play the role of Maymay’s mother or sister since their similarities were so evident. In fact, she gushed that their fans enjoyed seeing their pictures together which she edited and posted on Instagram.

Giselle shared that she and Maymay had been exchanging messages on IG. There was also an instance when she asked Maymay to greet her grandmother which Maymay gladly did without having second thoughts so she admired her all the more for being so friendly and down to earth.

According to Giselle, she found Maymay humble and godly and a good role model to the youth. She added that she loves Maymay and hopes the best for her career.

Meanwhile, when asked about her advice for Maymay, Giselle asked her to keep up her very good attitude towards her fans. She also asked her not to get tired of supporting her family since Giselle knew she is the breadwinner in their family.

“I love you so much. I’m such a great fan of yours,” Giselle declared.