Ellen Adarna Introduces John Lloyd Cruz to Parents in Cebu

Recently, an Instagram video had been circulating on social media where John Lloyd and Ellen Adarna were seen talking with Ellen’s parents in Cebu.

Based on the video, netizens were speculating that Ellen already introduced John Lloyd to her parents. However, it wasn’t certain if what was shown in the video was the first time John Lloyd met her parents as the couple had been in Ellen’s hometown several times before.

Photo: jlc_ellen/Instagram

Shown in the video, Ellen and John Lloyd were happily talking to Ellen’s parents, Allan and Meriam Adarna, while at the dining table. Ellen was also seen rolling lumpia wrappers.

It wasn’t clear whether the video was the first time John Lloyd met Ellen’s parents in Cebu. However, it was the first time Ellen and John Lloyd had been seen by the public since the time their relationship became known. Last September, the couple also stayed in Cebu for a vacation.

Aside from that, there was another video allegedly uploaded on Instagram showing Ellen lying in a kiddie rubber mat with John Lloyd sitting beside her while happily playing with a toddler. They were seen happy together amidst controversies for the last two months involving Ellen Adarna’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, PEP News had confirmed in its news on November 19 that Ellen is pregnant with John Lloyd as the baby’s father. The news sparked after a source had heard Ellen confirming her condition in two instances.

Photo: jlc_ellen/Instagram

Apparently, Ellen’s pregnancy was the reason why the couple had to cut short their vacation in Europe.

As of press time, Ellen and John Lloyd had not given their official statements regarding the news.

On November 20, in a separate interview of ABS-CBN with Pia Campos, Ellen Adarna’s manager, Pia claimed it would only be Ellen who could confirm her real condition, whether she is pregnant or not.

[UPDATE: The video has since been removed from Instagram]