5 Kids Live with the Pigs outside Uncle’s Home for 2 Years, After Heartless Parents Abandoned Them

For close to 2 years now, five kids from Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, have been living with the pigs outside their uncle’s house, all because their heartless parents abandoned them even though they were all still young.

In a heartbreaking post shared by DWRS Commando Radio news anchor Jun Ramos on Facebook, it was revealed that the eldest child, Jhon Mark del Rosario, was still 12 years old when their father abandoned them.

They lived with their mother at their grandmother’s house but their mother would soon abandon them as well.

Eldest sibling, Jhon Mark
Photo credit: Jun Ramos / Facebook

The kids could not get along with their grandmother who appeared to hate them; thus, the two elder siblings ran away from home. Allegedly suffering the same fate under their grandmother’s hands, the rest of the kids also ran away from their grandmother’s house and chose to follow their elder siblings.

They found refuge at the pigpen outside their uncle’s house. What’s disheartening is that the kids had to live beside the pigs, eventually learning to get accustomed to the smell and noise of their neighbors.

Photo credit: Jun Ramos / Facebook

The elder kids would take on jobs as technician to earn money to send their younger siblings to school but what they earned was not enough to feed them all; thus, there were many days when they would sleep with empty stomachs.

The family had actually been recipients of government aid 4Ps but their mother took the 4Ps ATM card with her, leaving the kids to fend off for themselves.

Photo credit: Jun Ramos / Facebook

Last year, their mother went back home. Jhon Mark confronted her about leaving him and his younger siblings but she only retorted, “Bakit di mo pa sila pinabayaan para namatay na sila?” (Why did you not abandon your siblings so they will just die?)

Thanks to Jun Ramos’ radio program and Facebook post, the del Rosario siblings’ plight drew attention from the local government and netizens on social media.

The City Government of Vigan provided the siblings with materials to build a house. Several people also sent donations for the kids via the radio station. Ramos and other DWRS Commando Radio staff assisted the siblings with what they needed, including opening a bank account for Jhon Mark so that donations could directly be sent there.

Now that they have a home and some money to get back to school and live a more comfortable life than their days in the pigpen, we are hoping these kids will fulfill their dreams of finishing even just a 2-year technical/vocation course so they can have a better future.

Photo credit: Jun Ramos / Facebook

Good luck and God bless you, del Rosario siblings!

Donations can be coursed through Jun Ramos or directly to the eldest sibling’s newly opened bank account:


Maybank Account Number 10170126094

For deposits from abroad:
Swift code: mbbephmm
Routing# 0210-0008-9