2017 Binibining International Mariel de Leon Sends Fierce Message to Online Bashers

Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel de Leon did not escape online bashing from haters who constantly throw negative feedback at her.  Knowing she cannot please everybody, she sends a message to her haters which she posted on her Instagram account.

Photo : mariaangelicadl/Instagram

The 23-year-old beauty title holder posted that the people who bash her online must be unhappy with their lives as they reflect negativity in their lives and wished for others to feel negative, too.  She also wrote that God is with her so she will never be affected in their attempt to put her down as she only gets stronger and better than before.

She was also firm and bold in stating no one can bring her down and negativity has no space in her life to occupy. She just hopes they would also be happy with their lives the same way she is happy with hers.

Photo : mariaangelicadl/Instagram

 “If you like being negative to other people, it only shows that you are sad with your own life. I am very blessed and happy with my life so maybe you should try to be happy with yours too.

“If you try to put me down, I will only get stronger and better than before. Nothing and no one can ever bring me down. I only accept and spread positive vibrations.

“I know the Lord is with me. I will not be shaken for He is right beside me.”

Photo : mariaangelicadl/Instagram

Her post on social media earned mixed reactions from netizens in the comment section. One netizen praised her for being unique, straightforward and honest which made her just misunderstood.

“I like her. She shows the unique side of a beauty queen na hindi pasweet at hindi pabebe. Misinterpreted lang tlga siya coz she has no fears.”

However, one disagrees with that comment.

“Beg to disagree. Respect begets respect. You cannot demand it from people. Hindi sya p sweet hindi sya pabebe but definitely disrespectful.

Another one said Mariel’s post puts down other people for claiming that they are not happy with their lives.

“Pero doesn’t she put down other people too??? Don’t play the victim to circumstances you created.”

And there was this comment which definitely comes from among Mariel’s supporters.

 “I wish her well sa Ms. International pageant. Sending good vibes only para mabawasn konti ang nega comments ni mariel at ng kanyang bashers. Di siguro naisip na habang galit galit sila eh pinagtatawanan lang sila ni Mariel because of their ‘sad lives’.”

Mariel whose full name is Maria Angelica de Leon is the daughter of actors Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andulong.