Netizens Express Amusement at This Jollibee Customer Wearing a Swimsuit While Placing Food Order

In the Philippines, people would always stare at you when you’re wearing a swimsuit even if you’re at the beach or at the swimming pool because not too many people feel comfortable about wearing one in public – so we could only imagine just what people at this Jollibee outlet must have felt when one customer arrives in a one-piece suit and puts an order as if nothing unusual was happening. LOL.

The customer was identified as Riri Santorini who went to the Jollibee store with friends, including Aljan Dasalla Adolfo who took some videos and shared these on Facebook.

Photo credit: Aljan Dasalla Adolfo / Facebook

The clips went viral on Facebook, collectively gaining a total of more than 1 million views.

It was clear that they did this as a prank and to have a good time – but most netizens were still quite amused that Riri was able to pull this one off without giving away the prank. LOL.

What do you think of these videos? Would you dare sear a swimsuit at a fast food restaurant like Jollibee?

Photo credit: Aljan Dasalla Adolfo / Facebook

Of course, anyone can easily do that because Jollibee and other fast food chains don’t really impose a dress code but it takes guts to do this, eh?

Watch Riri sashay towards the table with their order here: