James Yap’s Italian GF Admits She Doesn’t Buy Hermes Bags, Says Brand is ‘Too Expensive’

A lot of celebrities and famous personalities love to flaunt their wealth in expensive items, not just in terms of flashy cars but also in expensive gadgets, clothes, and accessories. There are certain brands that appeal more to celebrities, with Hermes being among the top choices mostly because of its ultra-exclusivity.

Some Hermes bags can go as high as several million pesos! Yet it is said that there is a *very* long list of reservations for certain designs of the brand. Yep. It’s that popular in high society.

If you have a Hermes bag (the authentic one, of course), then you can certainly be officially labeled as rich. Did you know that a number of celebrities have several Hermes bags in their collection? Jinkee Pacquiao, Sharon Cuneta, Marian Rivera, and Heart Evangelista are just some of the local celebrities with Hermes bags.

Photo credit: PEP

But if you are listing the ones with Hermes bags, you can exclude James Yap’s Italian girlfriend from the directory.

In a recent interview with PEP, Michela Cazzola admitted that although she’s a certified fashionista and is certainly ‘brand conscious’, she doesn’t own a Hermes bag.

Photo credit: PEP

She does own a number of bags from her home country’s designers, including Prada, Gucci, and Valentino (she’s not exactly a pauper) but she laughingly told reporters that she hasn’t gotten herself a Hermes because the brand is ‘too expensive’.

Photo credit: PEP

The Italian beauty also admitted she is actually more into shoes than she is with bags, saying if she really likes a design, she tries to buy as many of pairs of it in different colors rather than find other designs of the same brand.