Beautiful Girl Shares Tips on Having Flawless Skin, Uses Punchlines and ‘Hugot Lines’ Netizens Enjoy

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, flawless skin. The good news is that with many beauty products available in the market and with the help of dermatologists, achieving beautiful skin can be easily attained now.  However, the process may be long and expensive depending on skin conditions where some people suffer from pimple, warts, dryness, oiliness, blemishes, and pigmentation.

Recently, a post on social media of a beautiful girl caught the attention of many netizens.  Admired for her blemish-free skin, the girl shared her secret with the aid of beauty products while everyone is going nuts in trying to do it on their own, hoping they’ll also have a perfect skin.

According to Kristel Malone, someone asked her beauty regimen behind having smooth skin. She then gladly shared on her Facebook account the products which she bought from a pharmacy and how to use them as she emphasized that it would entail a lot of determination to do it ‘religiously’ to be able to see the end results.

At first glance, Kristel’s post seemed like how other step-by-step beauty tips were presented.  What made it appealing to netizens was the fact that she added ‘spice’ to it by using  punchlines and ‘hugot lines’ as she described each of the products which the readers somehow enjoy.

Here is her post:

Photo : Kristel Malone/Facebook

As of this writing, Kristel’s post still earns a lot of comments from netizens who are hoping to having a radiant skin like hers.  It was just good that she shared her post with a touch of humor on it that made it even more likely to be read.