VIDEO : “Apo”, A Salute to “Lolo” and “Lola” On Grandparent’s Day!

Filipinos have a unique nature of  close family ties where grandparents, parents and children live together in one home. Most children grow up with their “lolo” and “lola” who they look up to and depend on for their needs particularly when the parents are both working, whether locally or abroad.

In a recent post made by Jollibee on its Facebook page, a heartwarming film entitled “Apo” was featured as inspired by a real life story of a boy who was under the care of his grandparents while parents are working as OFWs in Dubai.

The film showed the overflowing love of a “lolo” and “lola” for their “apo” from the time he was still young until the time he has already grown up.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

The video started with lola waking up her “apo” to prepare for school. She dressed him up, put a lot of powder on him that he almost looked like “espasol”, combed his hair while lolo happily stares at them and sent him to school. And after classes,  his “lolo” and “lola” will fetch him and they will go home happily.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

While it is a sad reality for the children with parents working abroad to miss them during special occasions like birthdays, the film showed that grandparents exerted their efforts to celebrate their “apo’s” birthday by eating at their favorite fast food store, Jollibee.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

In one instance when the grandparent’s money was just enough, “lolo” and “lola”  just shared in one meal and let their “apo” eat whatever he liked.  Such a very touching scene to see that what matters is the fact that they’ve put a smile on their grandson’s face.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

Time has passed and the time for the “apo” to go to Manila to pursue his studies has arrived. His grandparents were so supportive of him because they know that would prepare him for a brighter future. They’ve sent him to the bus station, bid farewell and gave their blessings and words of encouragement.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

One of the most difficult part of having close family ties is having the fear of separation. And since it is given that grandparents are mostly affected in being apart from their grandchildren, “lolo” and “lola” decided to surprise their “apo” by going to Manila to see him.

It was assumed, however, that after some time, the boy had already finished his studies and was already working.

The next scene on the video showed the boy coming home from work and finding a note on his table coming from “lola”.  The letter sounded like his grandparents had left him at first, but the cute part was, his grandparents were already in Jollibee waiting for him.

And this time, it was his turn to treat his grandparents to eat whatever they like, using his first earnings from his job as one way of giving them back all the love and care given to him.

Photo : Jollibee/Facebook

Overall, the video is heartwarming as it mirrors the unconditional love, sacrifices, support and discipline, given by grandparents to their grandchildren which is a fact that we cannot deny.

And since the video was made as a tribute to all the grandparents for Grandparent’s Day on September 10, a salute to all the grandparents in the world who made their grandchildren’s world, colorful and meaningful!