This Pinoy ‘Fake Accident’ Copycat Fails Just Like the Chinese Original, Rolls on the Ground Too Soon

Just some weeks ago, netizens were laughing over the video of a Chinese woman who tried to scam a driver by pretending he hit her in an accident. The only problem in here accident scenario is that she rolled to the ground when the car was still several meters away. The driver was able to stop and was nowhere near hitting her at all.

The ‘fake accident’ got so viral that it sparked some copycats, including in the Philippines.

One of these was caught on the dashboard camera of Melwin Enriquez who sent the clip to YouScoop on GMA News.

In the video, Enriquez was just driving peacefully along Alabang Viaduct in Muntinlupa City last September 13 when he noticed a man rolling to the ground just a few feet away from his vehicle. Had he been driving fast or distracted for a second, he could have actually hit the guy!

Thankfully, he was able to stop in time.

The man stood up from the street, held his thigh, and angrily shouted at Enriquez who had supposedly ‘hit’ him.

Photo credit: Melwin Enriquez / Facebook – GMA News

What the ‘fake accident’ guy didn’t actually notice is that there was a traffic enforcer just across the street who witnessed the whole thing and knew that the accident he claimed happened didn’t really happen.

Besides, Enriquez had a dashboard camera which recorded the whole thing – and it clearly showed that the guy had rolled to the street and pretended to be hit even when the vehicle was still several feet away.

According to GMA News, the traffic enforcer apprehended the would-be scammer who later apologized to the driver for the disturbance he caused.

Photo credit: Melwin Enriquez / Facebook – GMA News

Watch the video here and be aware of this modus operandi: