OFW Denies Romantic Relationship with Man in ‘Sweet’ Photos, Husband Desires Separation Saying OFW Did it Several Times

A Pinay overseas worker in Hong Kong has been accused by her husband of allegedly being unfaithful to him for several times.  The husband expressed his desire to end their relationship, wanting to have peace of mind after suffering from mental and emotional stress.

According to Facebook page of Raffy Tulfo in Action, Jose Dasalla voluntarily went to their teleradyo station and expressed his intention to formally end his relationship with wife, Teresa Dasalla who was seeing another man.  Jose said that it’s already the third time that Teresa did it to him while working in Hong Kong for 15 years.

Photo : Screenshot Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook

Apparently, Jose was totally affected by Teresa’s posts on Facebook wherein she posted several pictures together with another man with ‘sweet’ captions.  Jose became emotionally depressed which made him unable to eat and sleep and even came to the point of entertaining the idea of ending his life.

Photo: Screenshot Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook

Raffy Tulfo called Teresa in Hong Kong and asked if she has a romantic relationship with the man she is with on the picture which she strongly denied and claimed that the man was just her friend. However, Raffy refuted what Teresa said and justified that friends will not engage in taking photos very close with each other especially when one of them is already married.

But then, Teresa insisted that nothing was going on between them and the ‘sweet’ captions on the pictures came from the lyrics of famous love songs.

Photo: Screenshot Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook

Teresa also said that she really wanted to be separated from her husband a long time ago and has plans of filing an annulment so she can have peace of mind.  Apparently, she claimed that she became disrespectful to Jose after he posted harsh words about her on social media.

Raffy allowed the couple to discuss personal matters among themselves on air until both parties have agreed to end their relationship to set each other free. They said it would be best for them to separate ways as they were no longer happy with each other.

After talking with Teresa, Jose shared that it wasn’t the first time for Teresa to have a relationship outside their marriage but he still opted to stay because he loves her very much and that he wanted to have a complete, happy family.  Nonetheless, Jose reached his limit when he can no longer tolerate the last incident as his wife had somehow humiliated him on social media and made him emotionally exhausted.

Jose even recounted the days when he had given up his profession in working at a hotel just to fulfill his promise of taking care of their two children aged 13 and 18, respectively, while Teresa is working abroad. He even gushed that he had started building their dream house all by himself only to find out that his wife was unfaithful to him. He said he woke up one day realizing that instead of ending his life for so much emotional stress, he needs to be strong for their children, focus on himself, and go back to his previous work in Manor Hotel.

On August 22, Jose told Raffy Tulfo’s team that ex-wife Teresa had blocked him from all of her social media accounts.  This was confirmed by Teresa and shared that she will file an annulment case as soon as she gets back to the Philippines after finishing her contract in Hong Kong.