Netizens Slam Woman Who Made Supermarket Guard Eat the Store Receipt She Left at the Counter

More often than not, security guards are stuck between a rock and a hard place – they have to do their job but also receive the brunt of customers’ anger as they implement the establishment’s rules.

This is what happened to a security guard at Robinson’s Supermarket Palawan in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Everyone knows that guards in malls and business establishments are tasked to ensure that the customers are only taking out the items they have paid for; thus, they have the right to ask customers for the receipt of their purchase anywhere they are within the store premises.

Photo credit: Joemar Ortega / Facebook

One guard asked an elderly customer for her receipt from the supermarket. He was certainly just doing his job but the woman got so angry over the guard’s question that she went back to the counter where she left the receipt – and slammed the paper into his mouth.

Her angry tirades could be heard in the store as she shouted at the guard for being ‘too greedy’ with her receipt. She tried her best to make him eat the piece of paper while still shouting invectives.

Several customers stopped what they were doing to watch the angry woman’s tirades but she did not care that many were looking at her as she made a scene.

Photo credit: Joemar Ortega / Facebook

Another customer, Joemar Ortega, took a video of the incident and posted it on Facebook where it quickly went viral. Thousands of netizens slammed the woman for her action, saying the poor guard was really just doing his job and she had no right to do that to him!

Many hoped the story would go viral to teach this woman a lesson and to warn other customers not to do something like this.