Girl Claims This Guy Stayed on the Road after Getting His Wedding Proposal Rejected

These days, a lot of guys go out of the way to propose to their loved one. Many guys try their best to make the proposal unique, even if that means spending a lot of money just to make the day extra special.

Of course, spending a fortune on the proposal and choosing the most unique moment they can think of do not actually guarantee that the woman would say “yes”. And it can be quite devastating for the people involved.

One netizen recently posted a photo on Facebook, claiming that she thought it was quite heartbreaking to see the guy in the photo staying on the road after his wedding proposal got rejected. According to the netizen whose name was hidden by blog Trending News Portal, she was shocked to see the guy on the road and was fearful for his safety.

Photo credit: Trending News Portal

She claimed that the guy got rejected by the girl who not only said “no” to his proposal but also left him for another man… Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Trending News Portal

Well, if that had been the story, it would have surely been heartbreaking but eagle-eyed netizens noticed that while the guy appears to be really sad and ready to give up on life in the photo, he’s actually holding what looks like a camera in his hands, not a box for an engagement ring!

Of course, what he was doing was still dangerous as a distracted or speeding driver could have hit him; however, it was not as heartbreaking as what the Facebook user had first claimed.

Photo credit: Trending News Portal

But many fell for the ‘rejected proposal’ story, with several people bashing the girl for the public humiliation and telling the guy he should just move on and find a more deserving partner…