Strong-Willed 5th Grader Offers Cleaning Services to Earn Money for School Project

School projects may be costly at times.  For a family struggling financially, providing for a child’s project in school may be of least priority because most of the family’s funds go to food and other basic needs.  And often, there was really no budget allotted for it.

But for one student, his resourcefulness paved way in finding a solution to earn money for his school project which had gone viral over the internet for getting sympathies from netizens after they saw his eagerness and persistence.

Kervy James Villarejo, a Fifth grader of Jose Catolico Elementary School in General Santos City, South Cotabato, offered cleaning services to employees of Charter Ping An Insurance Corp. in exchange for money to finance his school project.  The employees were touched with his perseverance and had decided to extend their help to the student.

Photo : Chriszel Singco Vicente/Facebook

But instead of availing the cleaning services offered by Kervy, the employees of the said company rejected the idea and gave all that he needs for his project.  The student in return assured that he will finish his school project and will show it to the people who extended their help to him.

Photo : Chriszel Singco Vicente/Facebook

But the assistance didn’t just end there. With the intention of extending more help to the student, one of the company’s employee in the name of Chriszel Singco Vicente posted Kervy’s photos and video on social media which caught the attention of the public.

Her post didn’t go to waste as the post was able to capture the hearts of many people who willingly  gave in to the idea of also extending their help to Kervy.

Photo : Chriszel Singco Vicente/Facebook

The story of this young boy has also been featured in different  TV news programs around the country who admired him of his determination to help his family in his own simple way.

As of this writing, another wish of Kervy has been granted which was, to be able to live with his mother again after she left him and his siblings for quite some time.

Kervy was very happy for all the assistance being accorded to him by the public. When being asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, Kervy would reply that he wanted to be a pilot.

Surely, with this boy’s determination and purposefulness, the realization of his dream may not be far to possibility.

Soar high in the sky, Captain Kervy!