Modern Day Bayanihan: This Guy Gives Strangers a Free Ride After They Were Repeatedly Rejected by Taxis

Bayanihan still exists in this modern world!

When the LTFRB suspended the operations of Uber, a lot of people felt angry because based on their past experiences, it would be very challenging to commute in the urban jungle – they are afraid of getting robbed in jeeps and buses, and a lot of taxi drivers are not just picky, they are also rude and charge exorbitant fees if they could.

Indeed, when the suspension was implemented, a lot of netizens took to social media to complain about their bad experiences with taxi drivers and commuting sans Uber. There’s Grab to fill in the gap but the company couldn’t also handle the sudden increase in customers.

A few days ago, Radio DJ Ganns Deen shared how he gave a free ride to two strangers who were repeatedly rejected by taxis.

Photo credit: Ganns Deen / Facebook

Sharing the story on social media, Deen narrated how he noticed the couple getting rejected by two passenger-less taxis while he watched. So, he stopped in front of them and offered them a ride when he learned their office was just along the way he was going.

He posted on Facebook:

While stuck in traffic, I saw this couple on the road. Literally watched two passenger-less taxis reject them. I asked them where they were headed. When I found out they were literally on my route, I gave them a free ride. They were waiting 30 minutes for a ride, you guys. Take that, #LTFRB!

The photo was well received by netizens who were amazed by his actions – after all, he didn’t really have to do it yet he went out of his way to help these commuters.

After the story went viral, When in Manila interviewed Deen; he said:

At the end of the day, I think all this negativity surrounding the LTFRB and Uber needed someone or something to offset it all, to restore people’s faith in humanity. I didn’t expect the response it received, but I think the fact that it did, struck a chord in people.

That when Filipinos come together to help other Filipinos, regardless of their safety or time, it reminds us of what is good and possible in people, and I’m just glad that I was the right person at the right time to serve these two. If they pay it forward, fantastic. To me, that’s what the bayanihan spirit is all about.

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