Couple Loses Thousands of Pesos from Locked Checked-in Luggage on Flight from Singapore to Manila

A Filipino couple on their way home for a birthday surprise got the shock of their lives upon discovering that they lost thousands of pesos from their locked checked-in luggage on their flight from Singapore to Manila.

According to the post shared by Jho Cabagyo on Facebook, the usually ride on Singapore airlines but because the fares were quite expensive at the time and they wanted to be home just in time for her mother’s 60th birthday, she and her girlfriend decided on buying tickets from a local airline instead.

Their flight had gone well and they had not complaints then, especially because they flew on business class. But upon arriving at the airport, they had no idea a nasty surprise was waiting for them.

They had a total of four suitcases checked in on that flight but while the three were immediately released and available for pick up from the conveyor belt, they had to wait a good 10 minutes for the last one.

Photo credit: Jho Cabagyo / Facebook

When the fourth suitcase finally arrived, Cabagyo’s girlfriend noticed the padlock was gone! So, they immediately inspected the suitcase and were shocked to find that the wad of money was gone from there!

According to Cabagyo, the money was in thousands of pesos, not hundreds; thus, they rushed to the baggage assistance for help but they were reportedly ignored by the staff until she shouted in anger.

Even then, they were told that the airline had to follow a certain protocol to investigate the matter and that they should just leave their number for the airline representative to call them once they resolve the matter.

Angry over this vague response, Cabagyo threatened the staff to bring the matter to the media, leading them to become more attentive yet they had the same answer: protocol must be followed.

Photo credit: Jho Cabagyo / Facebook

Thankfully, the airport police heard them and helped but a review of the CCTV footage revealed nothing because whatever happened to the luggage had occurred outside the cameras’ range! Perhaps the thieves knew exactly where the cameras are pointed at? Hmmmmmm.

It turned out they weren’t the only ones who lost valuables in their luggage that day because another passenger also complained to the baggage assistance while the couple was there…

Photo credit: Jho Cabagyo / Facebook

H/T: RachFeed