Angry OFW Expresses Outrage after Lovingly Packed Balikbayan Box Arrives Looking Like Trash

It is true that many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) love to collect items abroad to send to their families back home – not just because of the ready availability of ‘branded’ items there but also due to the unbelievable discounts they often get from mall sales in these countries.

While they were able to save a lot of money in the goods they bought abroad and send in a balikbayan box, there are times when these are put to waste because the box gets lost, some items gets stolen, or just like in the case of Ferdinand Acupan, the contents arrive looking like trash!

Photo credit: GMA News / Ferdinand Acupan

Acupan angrily shares his story on social media where it had gone viral. According to Acupan, he and his girlfriend spent months shopping and filling their balikbayan boxes for their loved ones in the Philippines but both boxes arrived so damaged that these looked like a trash box instead.

The OFW expressed outrage after feeling cheated, saying they had lovingly packed those boxes but did not expect to receive the items looking like trash. Very little of the contents inside the boxes were usable – they saved money on nothing because the items in these boxes could no longer be used.

Photo credit: GMA News / Ferdinand Acupan

Acupan puts the blame on Makati Express Cargo, the balikbayan box forwarder they used to send the box. According to him, they had availed of the company’s services in the past but were shocked to experience this with their latest shipment.

The company refused to accept the blame, however, claiming that the box arrived at their office in that condition. Surprisingly, many OFWs agreed with the forwarding, pinning the blame on the couple for their botched job at packing their box properly.

Photo credit: GMA News / Ferdinand Acupan

A lot of them shook their heads after seeing photos of the box, saying they often wrap liquid-filled bottles with masking tape or some other sturdy tape to ensure these wouldn’t spill into the box because such could lead to damage similar to what Acupan and his girlfriend experienced.

Others also said that the couple should have limited the number of liquid-filled bottles in their box because the liquid could burst with pressure.

Do you think the couple are partly to blame in this situation?