84-Year-Old Retired Principal Currently Works as Janitress in the Same School

Nanay Pacing works in the school where she previously taught for 50 years. But this time, she works in the same place which she considered her second home not as a principal anymore but as a janitress.

Pacita Piano, an 84-year-old retired teacher, wakes up at 6am every day to prepare for her work at Ligaya Elementary School in Quirino.   She spends half of her day cutting grasses, sweeping dry leaves on the ground, pulling weeds from the plants, wiping window panes, and cleaning the floors.

Last week, her life was featured on ABS-CBN’s program, “Rated K” hosted by Ms. Korina Sanchez. From then on, netizens were all praises to her for being humble enough in accepting her job as a janitress even if she was the school’s principal before.

Nanay Pacing gets paid with P2,500 a month for working 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.  Given her age, she is not being forced by the city government to work but Nanay Pacing opted to render her service to compensate that certain amount.  She uses her salary to sustain daily needs and medicines for hypertension.

Photo : screen shot from ABS CBN News video

According to Nanay Pacing, looking back at where she used to be, it wasn’t easy but God has been so good to her.

Photo : Screen shot/ABS CBN News video

Looking back, it was in the year 1995 when Nanay Pacing was promoted as the school’s principal. Her previous students can even attest as to how strict she was during those times but was very kind to her students.  She was also concerned with all the teachers as she regularly checks on their class records and lesson plans. In fact, whenever one of the teachers was absent, she would handle the class as a substitute.

When Nanay Pacing turned 65 years old in the year 2000, she decided to retire from work. She lived with her only son, Anthony, which she mentioned in an interview, that she was not angry at all, for not finishing his studies because of peer pressure and vices.

According to her, with the money that she had taken home when she retired, she was able to buy a house and a part of it were lent to her relatives. Unfortunately, the said house burned down, including the list of those who owed her so she was unable to charge them anymore, which left her financially broke.

Photo : Screen shot/ABS CBN News video

Last Friday, Nanay Pacing was surprised by her former students when they prepared a simple blow-out for her.  The staff of  “Rated K” also brought some goodies for the former principal.  They thanked Nanay Pacing for being a good teacher to them.

Photo : Screen shot/ABS CBN News video

“I am on the air, nasa heaven ako,” she said with overflowing happiness and joy.

With a comfortable life that Nanay Pacing had experienced when she was the school’s principal, she now enjoys a simple yet happy life of being a janitress.