Girl Calls Her Basher “Chismosa” for Nasty Reactions on Her OOTD Posts

Patricia De Los Santos is one of those millennials who love to post their Outfit of the Day (OOTD) photos on their social media accounts.

While others get fascinated at how this fashionista does the “mix and match” concept of her clothes, she had this one basher who threw a negative comment about her posts and  triggered her to fire back and call her “chismosa”. However, the identity of whom she called “chismosa” was not established.

Photo : Patricia De Los Santos/Facebook

“Chismosa” is a term we use to call a person who spreads rumors and stories with doubtful truth.  This was the way Patricia looked at her critic for her sarcastic comment without knowing the real facts.

Photo : Patricia De Los Santos/Facebook

“Walang pera pero panay porma,”  her detractor said, trying to establish the fact that Patricia was just pretending and feeling to be rich. Pissed off with this comment, Patricia answered through her Facebook post and said that her clothes do not even cost a thousand pesos which implied that she doesn’t need to be rich to be able to buy them so there’s no need for her to act like she was rich.

She also quipped saying it was not the value of the clothes that matter but the attitude of the one wearing it. She assumed that her critic might just be insecure with her by being so judgmental.

Photo : Patricia De Los Santos/Facebook

Patricia’s post earned various reactions and comments from netizens but she did not get affected by it.  In fact, as of this writing, Patricia still continues posting her OOTD photos for which her friends find it as a cool advertisement.