Yung totoo, alam mo ba talaga ang kuwento ni Luna?

I ACTUALLY never had any plans to watch this Filipino movie which is now being talked about all over the internet. I’m still upset the last time I watched a Pinoy film (“My Little Bossing” hehehe. Yeah, I really have trouble moving on) but when you start to hear positive feedbacks about a Pinoy movie, it’s kinda hard to neglect because it doesn’t happen very often.

Netizens and bloggers have posted acclaims on their facebook and twitter statuses. Venerable columnists have written positive criticisms as well and after watching it, I too, felt the need to give credit to the people behind the movie “Heneral Luna”. I don’t intend to be a smart aleck for writing this; besides I’m way past the peak of this controversial movie. However, I believe, the entire production deserves to be commended.

While the movie is said to be one of the most expensive Filipino epic historical films ever released, the cast was not as you expected. They weren’t the big stars of Star Cinema or the box office king of today’s movie industry but I believe they were the best people to do the roles. Undoubtedly, the entire cast gave justice to their characters.

The cinematography, the humor injected, the intense scenes between Luna and Mascardo and the comical lines were just perfect enough to keep the audience’s interest all throughout the film.

In the foremost part of the movie, it says there that the plot of the story is fiction based from facts, but I never expected they would bravely reveal the bitter truth about heroes, but it was totally fine. Matter of fact, it was very human to see that heroes aren’t always calm and diplomatic. Sometimes they are bad-ass men with an iron fist – tough and hard hitting. The movie daringly mirrored our government too, and clearly demonstrated how Philippine leaders then and now have remained stagnant. Sad, but it seems we have not evolved from what Heneral Luna always wanted us to be – disciplined and patriotic.

I was there watching but my mind was partly divided into two. One was, what took these people so long to produce such a quality movie, and the other was, how the hell did I not know so much about Heneral Luna and his infamous Artikulo Uno?! It’s such a shame but I must admit, I know him by name but he is one of those Filipino heroes I never took time to know how they even became one. I guess we have focused on the life and works of Rizal too much that we have failed to see the contribution of our other heroes. But I’m not even here to argue on that. I wrote to encourage people to demand for quality movies such as “Heneral Luna”.

See the movie, and I assure you entertainment.

This is one of those movies where when you get out of the cinema, you won’t ask for more; where you don’t wish that it went on longer; nor would you wish the director has cut some of the scenes, because you were intellectually satisfied. Everything was just on the right track – well, that’s at least from my point of view as an audience. See the movie, and if I am not convincing enough then, watch it even for just this reason: to commemorate the life of one of the wisest and bravest Filipino men that ever lived and served the Philippines – Heneral Antonio Luna.•

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