Youth: Where Are You Going?

Youth (Photo credit: blog.stepuppakistan)
Youth (Photo credit: blog.stepuppakistan)
Youth (Photo credit: blog.stepuppakistan)
Youth (Photo credit: blog.stepuppakistan)

It was the day before the prelim examination and it was also the peak of the blockbuster movie eclipse. I was asked by my uncle if I wanted to watch the movie with them. I’m not an avid fan of this movie but I do really like to see it without using my own money. It was a dilemma for me, but it supposed to be not since what is right is very clear however it bothered me much. Watch the movie for free or stay at home to review and prepare for the exams? In the end I chose to stay at home.

These days, more and more youth are becoming liberated, with the thinking that they can do whatever they like, set aside studies just to party late at night. As a youth, do I choose to be the perceptions of youth, happy-go-lucky, technological savvy or should I be one who will change the image of the youth?

In my twenty years of existence, I have always been wondering about my future, my goal, and my dreams. Indeed, where am I going? Decisions are to be made even if it takes sacrifices and a lot of thinking.

When my grandmother was still alive, I asked her about what she thinks of us young generation of the present time. She said, the youth these days are very different from the youth of her time. As she narrated, youth before were obedient, respectful, responsible, determined, hardworking and suddenly she stopped and looked at me without saying anything but her eyes was longing to ask me, why a sudden change? I cannot speak even a single word leaving me the question of her eyes that even up to now made me think and made me search for the reason behind.

Whether we like it or not we are the youth of our generation that will picture the coming future. We are expected to be organized, more knowledgeable, capable enough to alleviate the present situation of our country.

Our grandparents, our parents, and other older friends, they where once youth and where are they now? Some are living their lives successfully and some are not. This is because they have made their choice on how to live their lives.

I have heard the news about a young man who stole almost a million pesos from his own father. Every day, when I go home I have seen children outside the subdivision searching along the garbage for the things that they can sell or use or even eat. What is the future they are going to face? It tickles my mind and open my eyes witnessing the situation we are in, reality made me cry. But seeing youth of our age and even younger than we are though like me uncertain about life, still we never stop hoping and believing that we have ability, the capacity to satisfy the challenge for the youth.

Is it right to ask if what future are we expecting? Do we even bother ourselves to think about our part in future?

This maybe the right time to think, we may be considered as youth with young minds, but we can always choose to think ahead, be aware, be more responsible youth in contrary to the perception of many.

We are not young forever. Our youthful years will soon be finished, have you ever asked yourself, where am I at this point in my life? This is the only thing that I could say to you “better know where you are going than get lost without even knowing”.

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