Who Knows, Right?

Happiness (Photo Credit: Nadyafoo.picturepush)
Happiness (Photo Credit: Nadyafoo.picturepush)
Happiness     (Photo Credit:      Nadyafoo.picturepush)
Happiness (Photo Credit: Nadyafoo.picturepush)

Well, for me things in life will never have  true or correct answers. Even if you believe in it or not. People have different opinions, prospects or even an idea for every single thought we share. Definitely, people around you might misunderstand what you say and do, but who really knows what’s right, right? might as well go to left and never judge what you saw instead dwell between the if’s and whys.

I was thinking about it because my boyfriend and I used to quarrel a lot about “Why can’t you do these? that? Why can’t you leave all the boys who’re sending PMs or having a stupid conversation with them?“.

Honestly, I can’t answer all his questions. Before he met me, I was a night party poop, I drink a lot, smoke until I get high.  I’m a friendly asshole who likes to meet a lot of people not only boys, but anyone. It seems that he could not understand why I am having conversation with a lot of people. I know it’s not the same anymore, I have him already and I’m happy I met him. There’s just these things that I cannot avoid because it’s already part of my life.

I am willing to let go of my past for him, but really, in my opinion, conversation with a lot of people doesn’t mean you’re a flirt. I believe that conversation is a sign of freedom of expression. It’s like you’re having a debate with them and at the same time you are sharing your thoughts,  what you think, what others think and you will learn from it. I love my boyfriend and I know he’s just jealous! Jealousy is sign how a guy loves his girl and he doesn’t want me to be taken away. I know the idea of life without him is unbearable and right now, all I want is to have a happy life with him.  He makes me the person I want to be. If time comes that we will not have this happy ending, I know a big part of me will always be with him.

Who knows what will happen? what might change? and what life we were heading?
Life really is unanswerable.

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