When I’m Old and Grey

Old and Grey (Photo credit: Lastwindmusic)
Old and Grey (Photo credit: Lastwindmusic)
Old and Grey     (Photo credit:    Lastwindmusic)
Old and Grey (Photo credit: Lastwindmusic)

In each year that passes, we age.  Our hair turn grey, we look old and inevitably become weaker. I’m approaching the dusk part of my life, and there’s nothing more I want, but to grow old with grace. I’m not afraid of getting and growing old. I just wish I’d stay longer and be able to do and enjoy more things despite my old age. How about you, what are the things you’d like to do when you’re old and grey?


When I’m old and grey, I’d like to sit by the window and just look at all the people passing by. I’d like to inhale the scentless air and feel the rays of sunshine gently touching my creased skin. When I’m old and grey, and my physical body permits, I’d like to run through the meadows, catch dragonflies like I used to when I was a kid then set them free, and also set free the child in me!

When I’m old and grey and my dentures and sweet tooth allows, I’d like to suck lollipops and eat candies and chocolates and cakes to recall the time that I had a health and complete set of teeth,

When I’m old and grey,
I’d impart to the younger generations
everything that I have learned
from the so called school of life,
and find joy in sharing with them
the good and bad memories to be their guide.

When I’m old and grey,
I’d like to see myself in the middle of a portrait,
surrounded by my kids, grand kids and their kids,
with all of our grins and smiles, while
reminiscing the laughter and tears we have shared
when I was given the gift of life I have spent with them.

When I’m old and grey,
and I become weak and fragile,
I’d lie down still and up above I’d stare
and thank the Almighty for the precious time I was given.
I had my share of life’s ups and downs, joys and sadness…
and that’s worth cherishing, when I’m old and grey.

author:  monettecalugay


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