What You Need to Know ( For Newbies Going To the Middle East)

OFW ( Photo Credit: kritikongkiko.wordpress.com )
OFW ( Photo Credit: kritikongkiko.wordpress.com )

For most people wanting to go abroad for a stable job, most of them are idealistic. They think working abroad is prestigious, but there are a lot of difficulties along the way.

Ito ang mga yun:

  • Nagsisimula pa lang yan dito, di ka pa nga nakaka-alis marami nang gastos. Usually, agencies would look at your background and profile you. They would investigate if you have the capacity to pay. Kung may-kaya ka, they would ask for a placement fee kahit wala naman.
  • They are not exactly  transparent, especially for newbies. They would sugar-coat your job function, sometimes. Example, if you are there to work as a caregiver, they would say, your job is different from domestic helpers. You would only focus on your client, pero pagdating dun, all-around ka na pala.
  • Some agencies would ask you to resign from your job right away. They promise that you would be leaving right away, kahit hindi pa. Gusto lang nila makuha agad yung placement fee na ibibigay mo.
  • Purchasing a sim card is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are a household service worker. Pahirapan pa na pakiusap yan.
  • Dapat tiisin ang di masyadong tumatawag sa Pinas kasi magastos sa load. Walang promo ang  cellular network providers  dito sa UAE, for example.
  • If you went there to work, then expect hard labor, at hindi pamamasyal at shopping.
  • It will take some time for you to get fully immersed when it comes to their lifestyle and culture.
  • Employers are not that emotional or sensitive to your needs. They just expect you to work, period.
  • Be prepared to use your other skills, kasi they want value for their money, all around ba.
  • Don’t expect that you are going to have a good time there. Be humble and down to earth. There’s no place for your ego there.
  • Hindi ganun kataas ang sweldo. Maganda lang dun, makaka-ipon ka at makapagpapadala, pero I don’t think the difference is too much.
  • Expect the worst but be street-smart and wise. Wag magpapa-api. Just learn to manage obstacles.
  • Don’t trust people that easily, there’s more than meets the eye.
  • Not everyone could symphatize with you, you have to learn to face your battles alone.
  • You must have pocket money, you’ll never know if you need one during emergencies.

I was able to compile this because of my own experience in the UAE. I was naive before, and that was my mistake. So if you really want to work in the Middle East, you better think deeply and go there only when you really need to and you don’t have much choice. Ako naman kasi, wala akong masyadong alam at inalam bago ako pumunta dun, kaya I learned from my mistakes.

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