What Matters is Today

I have You (Photo credit: Guardian.co.uk)
I have You (Photo credit: Guardian.co.uk)
I have You   (Photo credit:     Guardian.co.uk)
I have You (Photo credit: Guardian.co.uk)

Today, I have you. All I know is I love you.

Today, I thought about him when I woke up, and left him some sweet messages.
As I go to school, and I’m kinda busy, I’m wondering what he is doing. Is he alright and in a good condition? After my work and as I go through the motions, I can’t wait to go home and talk to him. During the times when we didn’t talk, it felt kinda weird, and I miss him.

He colored my dark world, and with him, I’m someone and I’m worth something. He sees something in me that others can’t. He made me feel truly special. Who cares about tomorrow? Do we know if we would even wake up or live to see another day? Today, I have him. We have each other. Today, we have hopes and dreams, which we hope would come true. Today, I hope for the best and I do my best.  As I go through my daily tasks, I wish that someday, these little things would add up to the realization of my dream. Our dream. Will he be there for me still? Will I be there for him still? That is my greatest wish, and it helps me go through life.

So even if life would take us to another direction, not as we imagined it to be, I will forever be grateful, for the days he made me smile. For the times he was there when I needed someone.  For all the love, the laughter, and the dreams, that helped me go through the day. I am grateful that a moment like this came my way. I would forever cherish this memory and I will forever keep it like a photograph in my album of memories.

There is a reason why I met him.  I know he would help me turn my life around. Today, I have him. And that’s all that matters.

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