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Teenagers (Photo Credit: Lfreelogo)
Teenagers (Photo Credit: Lfreelogo)

Common teenage problems are caused by relationships with the opposite sex or gender. Break ups are of the greatest factors of failing grades, dropping subjects, suicides and many other dramatic results. Teenagers have the third most delicate emotions yet they are the first among those who have the strongest hearts.

Teenagers   (Photo Credit:  Lfreelogo)
Teenagers (Photo Credit: Lfreelogo)

First, they get their hearts broken, then on the second day, they will be out or grabs again. They say that, partying all night and day is one of the best ways for mending a broken heart. Because of their immature minds, they thought that drinking and smoking would be the best way to end their miserable sorrow and correct their wrongs. As I say all these things, I feel the urge to say that I was one of the million girls that had experienced this kind of stupidity. Getting caught up in a broken relationship has taken its toll in my mind. It has taught me how to be a really bad smoker and to be a freaking alcoholic.

Being an alcoholic takes you to another level of pleasure and confidence, but truth be told, it also takes you to a new level of “angas”, “yabang” and “katangahan”. Worse of all, it takes you to a higher level of faults and stupidity. As a former irregular third year nursing student, I could actually say that both alcoholism and smoking will soon be attacking your respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system and digestive system. And also, as a person devoted to study, knowledge and wisdom, I can state that both can destroy your study, work and lifestyle. I don’t need people to repeat what I say or other people who will prove that it is true because I say it with my own foolish experience as a guide for my statements. Being like this for almost ten months had taught me so many ways of how to temporarily mend a broken heart. You can drink and party all night or just hang out with friends while smoking and eating or even having sex with someone you just met. They are some of the ways. I humbly say that it works most of the time.

All the problems will be back soon after the effects of alcohol is gone or even worse. After the effects go away, more problems would likely arise higher than the present problems. Dealing with situations like this is not as easy as one, two and three or easy as eating a pie. It is more complex than you think. Have you thought of what the people around you think about you?

Committing suicide is one of the common results of getting drunk or getting too much smoke in your system. It is the lowest thing that a man could do with his life. I personally consider this as a desperate way of saying that, “I quit and I am a born loser”. Life is full of undying chances and opportunities. The end of a relationship is not the world’s end. As they say, “When God closes a door, he opens a window”. Meaning, He wants us to struggle and make ourselves stronger each time we struggle. Don’t lose hope; keep living the life that suits you. Enjoy life. Why do you have to end your life’s journey with one small failure if you can enjoy the thousand small and simple successes you have?

It is a good thing I remain positive about where my life is going or I could have been one of those crazy people doing all those stupid things. Having a good motto help you keep your mind straight and motivated. That’s why, with every failure I have, I always keep this in mind, “Yesterday ended last night, and today is a new day with a new chance”. I never kept my hopes up but I never lose them either. I keep on living my life as I wanted it to be and as God wants it to be.

When the going gets tough, I always remind myself to hold on and continue doing the things I do best. Maybe, it’s one of the reasons why I keep on getting the success I want and deserve. Another factor is that I use my family as an inspiration and motivation in getting my dreams. As I’ve been like this in almost ten months, I’ve realized that doing things as I had done, is not the best way to pretend that you are not concern about what’s happening. Actually, they are the worse ways that you could pretend. You will just end a bright future waiting for you. Don’t do this to yourself, you deserve better. Don’t let your peers talk you into something like this, something that could and would ruin your life in the near or far future, in our way of life, the stakes are high. We take chances that have small hope of doing well to us, to the ones we love and to the ones that love us.

A piece of advice, don’t do this kind of things. And if you are currently one of the millions who do this, I am politely asking you to stop. There are so many ways of dealing with problems like ours. Most of them are even good with our body’s health or even with our spirituality. Going to the gym once in a while would really help relieve stress, reading a good book will probably get your mind off of the memories, listening to music that you can relate to will most likely to take away those emotions that you cannot express, and even sleeping and eating will help you unwind.

Hanging out with friends and having a good clean fun can help you forget things that you don’t need to remember. You’ll have bonding with them and you’ll be healthy as long as you do those kinds of things. If you don’t want to mingle with other people, try writing into a journal. A journal can be a friend whom you can easily write and say something that you want to tell. Keeping a journal keeps your mind at ease, because you can tell away secrets and not be afraid that someone will know your secrets. This I could assure you. Why? I am one of those people who write in journals. I write on them because I get three amazing benefits from it. First, I satisfy my need to write. Second, I can practice speaking in English fluently when I pretend to actually speak out what I am writing. Third, I feel secured with writing because I know that no one could know what I really mean with what I write.

Going to places that lets you feel comfortable can help you overcome problems dealing with your emotional aspects. A good place to relieve heart aches is on the beach. Walking around the beach can stimulate your mind into realizing that you don’t have to let those bad memories hang around anymore. How? You just have to feel that the waves that come ashore are the hands of God that takes all your pain, doubts, fears and sufferings. Feel that the sand between your toes are sponges that absorb every single bit of lonely memory.

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